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Introducing the Traveler Boards Modular Battery Ecosystem: A Solution for Any Range!

Many of you praised our board and its maximally sized airline-legal battery as a great solution for air travel. However, a large number of you told us you were even more excited to use our ultraportable ride for your everyday commuting and recreational riding. For these use cases, more range means more fun, so we designed two new options for our board that lets you choose the battery size that is best for you.

The first option is a custom battery box that is designed to securely hold aftermarket batteries of your choice. In particular, it is sized and wired to be ready to accept two 6S Lithium Ion Polymer (LiPo) batteries that can total a capacity of 444Wh for up to 30 miles of range. The battery box features a quickly openable lid for easy battery access, a short circuit protection fuse, a waterproof pressure relief vent, and heavy duty Velcro for securing your batteries within the box. All you'll need to provide yourself are two readily available 6S LiPo packs of your choice and a charger. For my personal board I have chosen two CNHL Racing Series 6S 10000mAh batteries and an HTRC C240 Dual LiPo Balance Charger that can charge both packs at the same time.

The second option is a custom battery platform with a larger footprint that gives you virtually unlimited vertical space for installing ridiculously high-capacity batteries. The platform uses heavy duty straps to securely hold even the chunkiest of batteries. We will also include thread-forming screws so you can design your own custom battery box and mount it to the the platform. For my own battery platform, I've chosen two Turnigy 6S 20000mAh battery packs totaling 888Wh of capacity for up to 60 miles of riding. All three of our battery solutions fit in the same standard Traveler Board deck, so you can quick swap the battery platform for a battery box or airline-legal battery in seconds.

We thank you for making your voices heard and letting us know that some of you prefer the extra range to the benefit of being able to fly with your battery. We want every piece of input you can offer to aid us in our quest to craft the ultimate portable urban thrill ride, and your early feedback has already made our board a better and more versatile product.

Check out the Kickstarter pricing of our models featuring these new battery solutions here.

Stay tuned for more updates, we are less than a month away from our Kickstarter launch date!

Stay stoked,

Mike King, CEO

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