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The Long-Range Airline-Legal Solution You Asked For!

After hearing your feedback on the long-range battery solutions we shared with you last week, we have decided to adapt our battery box offering to be a ready-to-ride 293 Wh airline-legal battery solution with up to 19 miles of range! We've changed the design so that it now holds three individual 97.7 Wh packs (included with purchase) that can be separated to meet the 100 Wh limit set by TSA and other airport security departments. To see a list of all the battery options we plan on having available for our Kickstarter, go here.

We're getting very close to finalizing our Kickstarter options and will be sending out a survey (along with a giveaway!) shortly to collect one last round of feedback before establishing our final offerings. Keep looking out for updates, our Kickstarter launch is coming this month!

Stay stoked,

Mike King, CEO

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