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Traveler Board base model 5055 50mm dual motor
Traveler Board performance model 6354 63mm dual motor


Traveler is here to revolutionize the micromobility world by offering the first two electric skateboard models ever that combine true portability with the stunning performance you want in a premium electric skateboard.

The Performance Model features large dual motors that suit thrill seekers demanding top-of-the-line torque, top speed, and hill-climbing ability that allow it to outpace even non-portable premium electric skateboards like the Evolve Hadean Carbon or the Boosted Stealth.

The Base Model features smaller dual motors that decrease the weight and volume, making it the choice for those seeking the ultimate in travel/commuting convenience and portability.

Traveler Boards will be sold with your choice of either a 274 Wh airline-legal pack, two 99 Wh slim packs, or a custom battery platform for installing any aftermarket batteries you want. To learn more about each battery option, click here.


Kickstarter Early Bird Pricing

[1] Based off of the default gearing with Orangatang Caguama wheels. Adjustable motor mounts allow different sized pulleys or wheels to be installed to increase torque or top speed.

[2] Based off of the weight of the latest prototype with a 99 Wh slim pack and everything but the wheels installed. Boards will be sold with your choice of Orangatang 77a/80a Kegel wheels or 77a/80a Caguama wheels. Add 2.0 lbs for a full set of Kegels or 2.4 lbs for Caguamas.

[3] Range is based off of a 170 lb person riding on flat terrain.

[4] The battery platform allows you to add your own batteries, so range depends on the batteries you install. The battery platform has no ceiling which means there is no limit to the height of the batteries you add, allowing you to add incredibly high-capacity batteries. For example, it can fit two Turnigy 6S 16000mAh batteries which would give the whole pack 710 Wh for up to 50 miles of range, but even larger batteries could be made to fit.

The base and performance models can be converted to the other later by purchasing a conversion kit which will include the necessary motors, motor plates, pulleys, and belts. Additional batteries and battery platforms will be available for sale as soon as Kickstarter shipments begin.

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